Project Detail

Biorefinery Research Centre of Competence

Name: Biorefinery Research Centre of Competence
Researchers: Cepák Vladislav (head – principal researcher)
Přibyl Pavel (member of research team)
Lukavský Jaromír (member of research team)
Provider: Technologická Agentura ČR
Number: TE01020080
Realization from: 2012
Realization to: 2020
Summary: The project addresses the comprehensive utilization of biomass using methods of so-called green chemistry of socially desirable products with high added value and energy. From the material of microbial, vegetable and animal origin, using biorefining get out of other food and dietary supplements, fertilizers, biopolymers, together with higher generation biofuels and energy. Biorefining is uniquely new sustainable solutions by substitution of fossil resources with minimal impact on the environment, appreciating the entire volume of biomass.

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