Project Detail

Wastewaters reclamation in integrated biotechnology system

Name: Wastewaters reclamation in integrated biotechnology system
Researchers: Maršálek Blahoslav (head – principal researcher)
Godoy Paula (member of research team)
Zezulka Štěpán (member of research team)
Maršálková Eliška (member of research team)
Provider: Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu
Realization from: 2011
Realization to: 2015
Summary: The main aim of the project is to develop and propose to the municipal councils a functional alteranative solution to the present state of wastewater treatment technology to meet legislative criteria resulting from new state of emission standards. There is first of all a new natural proces of secondary wastewater treatment verification approach as a solution for small municipalities when taking into account economics and development of innovative components of primary and tertiay treatment processes and its oprimal performance for all communities.The byproduct of such treatment procedures is considerable quantity of phytomass which might be further utilized as a renewable source product with added value in various applications of agri, pharma and/or energy sector.

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