Project Detail

From waste to commodities

Name: From waste to commodities
Researchers: Holba Marek (researcher)
Endo Valentina (member in research team)
Maršálek Blahoslav (member in research team)
Provider: Ministerstvo zemědělství, Národní agentura pro zemědělský výzkum
Number: QJ1320234
Realization from: 2013
Realization to: 2016
Summary: The aim of this Project is to develop technologies of waste recycling into commodities that can be applied in the agriculture sector. We will develop the technology of the essential and unsubstitutable nutrient phosphorus as a fertilizer. Phosphate fertilizer will be developed from treated wastewater, however we also explore another ways of phosphorus recycling from concentrated streams. We will optimize handling with yellow water in order to use them directly as a fertilizer and/or use them as a source for fertilizer production in the form struvite. We will verify oprions for the direct greywater application into the soil as a irrigation water. We also focus on (re)-processing of liquid and solid waste from biogas stations and its application in the agriculture.

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