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Vegetation of the Czech Republic: completion of the national survey of plant communities

Name: Vegetation of the Czech Republic: completion of the national survey of plant communities
Researchers: Láníková Deana (member in research team)
Roleček Jan (member in research team)
Navrátilová Jana (member in research team)
Petřík Petr (member in research team)
Neuhäuslová Zdena (member in research team)
Sádlo Jiří (member in research team)
Šumberová Kateřina (member in research team)
Hájková Petra (member in research team)
Hájek Michal (member in research team)
Boublík Karel (member in research team)
Provider: Grantová agentura ČR
Number: GA206/09/0329
Realization from: 2009
Realization to: 2011
Summary: The project aim is completing the monograph Vegetation of the Czech Republic, which has been launched as a part of previous grants funded by the Czech Science Foundation. The first volume of this monograph was published in 2007. This project will involve final editing and preparation for print of Vol. 2 (Ruderal, weed, rock and scree vegetation) and Vol. 3 (Aquatic and wetland vegetation) of this monograph. Manuscripts of these two volumes were prepared in the previous grant project. Both will be published by Academia Publishers, leading national publisher of scientific literature. Manuscript of Vol. 4 (Forests and scrub) will be prepared simultaneously. Its preparation will involve numerous analyses of diversity of selected vegetation types, which will be published as separate papers. Online resources related to the project will be extended and improved to form a platform for storing and managing new information about Czech vegetation which will be obtained after publication of the monograph (including new version of expert system for automatic identification of vegetation units, updated distribution maps of vegetation units, vegetation bibliography and public depository for vegetation data).

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