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The genus Taraxacum: a monograph at the level of section

Name: The genus Taraxacum: a monograph at the level of section
Researchers: Záveská Drábková Lenka (member in research team)
Suda Jan (member in research team)
Štěpánek Jan (member in research team)
Provider: Grantová agentura ČR
Realization from: 2005
Realization to: 2007
Summary: The genus Taraxacum (Compositae, Lactuceae) belongs to the most complicated genera from the viewpoint of taxonomy and evolution. The variety of modes of reproduction, with a common occurrence of agamospermy, a great number of taxa, polyploidy and hybridity are some sources of the complexity. The rank of section proved to be a practical tool to accomodate the various population structures. The concept of sections covering species groups of various origin, however useful, has not been applied to dandelions of all areas, and there are many areas where the sectional composition of the dandelion flora remains imperfectly known. The project primarily aims at a global monograph of Taraxacum at the level of sections, providing full taxonomic information about sections, subsections (species groups): descriptions, species lists, distribution data, nomenclature, biological characters. The monograph will be globally useful as a unified basis for the study of Taraxacum in any region of the world.

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