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PRATIQUE: Enhancements of Pest Risk Analysis Techniques

Name: PRATIQUE: Enhancements of Pest Risk Analysis Techniques
Researchers: Jarošík Vojtěch (member of of research group)
Hejda Martin (member of of research group)
Pergl Jan (member of of research group)
Wild Jan (member of of research group)
Provider: EU - 7FP project
Number: 7E09053-(KBBE-212459)
Realization from: 2008
Realization to: 2011
Summary: PRATIQUE (Enhancements of Pest Risk Analysis Techniques) will address the major challenges for pest risk analysis (PRA) in Europe. This will be achieved through three principal objectives: (i) to assemble the datasets required to construct effective PRAs valid for the whole of the EU; (ii) to conduct multi-disciplinary research that enhances the techniques used in PRA; (iii) to ensure that the decision support scheme for PRA meets its purpose is efficient and user-friendly. Pest risk analysts, phytosanitary experts, invasive alien species specialists, ecologists, economists and risk modellers from 13 leading institutes in the EU, one from Australia and one from New Zealand will produce the first structured inventory of PRA datasets for the EU and undertake targeted research to improve existing procedures and develop new methods for (a) the assessment of economic, environmental and social impacts, (b) summarising risk in effective, harmonised ways that take account of uncertainty, (c) mapping endangered areas (d) pathway risk analysis and systems approaches and (e) guiding actions during emergencies caused by outbreaks of harmful pests. The results will be tested with a representative range of the major pests and invasive alien species affecting the cultivated and uncultivated habitats of the EU and will be independently validated by phytosanitary experts. The deliverables will be provided as protocols, decision support systems and computer programs with examples of best practice made available to pest risk analysts through modules and direct links to the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation (EPPO) PRA scheme. The PRA scheme will be web-enabled providing (i) new users with context-sensitive guidance, (ii) experts with a more efficient and user-friendly process and greatly enhanced access to key datasets and analytical tools, (iii) policy makers with an improved and robust scientific basis for managing risks and (iv) stakeholders with a transparent presentation of the risks.

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