Project Detail

Monitoring of National park České Švýcarsko - botany

Name: Monitoring of National park České Švýcarsko - botany
Researchers: Kopecký Martin (member of research team)
Münzbergová Zuzana (member of research team)
Palice Zdeněk (member of research team)
Hadincová Věroslava (member of research team)
Provider: Správa NP Č
Realization from: 2008
Realization to: 2010
Summary: Project is aimed at monitoring and studying of biodiversity of vascular plants, bryophytes and selected species of lichens and fungi in Bohemian Switzerland NP. Main part is focused on climatic inversion, a typical phenomenon of sandstone geomorphology. The aim of this part of the project is to perform the long time detailed microclimatic measurements over the whole gorge body and to relate the microclimatic characteristic to the species and plant communities occurrence.

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