List of projects




Identification Code Title   ^   v Realization Period   ^   v
19-20049S Causes and consequences of plant diversification in the Greater Cape Floristic Region: an example of the neglected genus Pteronia (Asteraceae) 2019 - 2021
TH04030244 Biodiversity increase and support of ecosystem services in agricultural landscape through alternative management practices in grasslands and pastures 2019 - 2022
TJ02000281 Innovative microclimate measurement as a tool for forest management in NP Bohemian Forest 2019 - 2021
Disturbances of tundra vegetation and their consequences for arctic ecosystem, comparison to the experience from alpine tundra 2019 - 2019
An integrated approach to conservation of threatened plants for the 21st Century 2019 - 2023
19-13103S Anatomical and physiological constraints as key factors governing plant vegetative regeneration from roots 2019 - 2021
GJ19-20970Y Land use, social transformations and woodland in Central European Prehistory. Modelling approaches to human-environment interactions 2019 - 2021
Protection of priority grassland habitats in the SCIs of the South Moravian Region 2019 - 2025
Development of methods to study changes in vegetation and Krkonoše tundra using multispectral, hyperspectral and LIDAR sensors UAV 2019 - 2023
LTAUSA18007 Dopady klimatických změn a eutrofizace krajiny na rostliny a jejich mikrobiální kořenová společenstva v aridních a semiaridních ekosystémech Spojených států 2019 - 2022
EF18_070/0009075 Representing root system architecture in terrestrial models to increase accuracy of prediction of plant water uptake and soil moisture in future climate 2019 - 2021
Plant Genetic Resources 2019 - 2019
LIFE15NAT/CZ/000818 LIFE South Moravia 2019 - 2025
TL02000314 Restoration of coppicing management: a way to diversification of the societal, economic and ecological use of the forest potential in Central Europe 2019 - 2022
404409TAČR The role of charcoal mounds in terms of cultural heritage and protection of landscape 2019 - 2021
304100 Sale of aquatic and wetland plants cultivated in the Collection 2019 - 2019
PPK-496a/31/18, 307205 Extinct and endangered plant species from the Třeboň basin 2019 - 2019
300998 Strategie AV21 - ROZE Networking and sustainable developing and increasing of publicity of Collections of the CAV. 2019 - 2019
300709 Sale of aquatic and wetland plants cultivated in the Collection 2019 - 2019
TH04030115 304403 TAČR Methodology of ex situ conservation for local populations of endangered plant species in changing climate’s conditions 2019 - 2022