List of projects




Identification Code Title   ^   v Realization Period   ^   v
19-10660S Removal of estrogens from waste water using hydrodynamic cavitation in combination with advanced oxidation processes 2019 - 2021
Development of methods to study changes in vegetation and Krkonoše tundra using multispectral, hyperspectral and LIDAR sensors UAV 2019 - 2023
Growth strategies of perennial herbs: from cells to whole plants 2019 - 2021
TJ02000281 Innovative microclimate measurement as a tool for forest management in NP Bohemian Forest 2019 - 2021
19-28807X Macroecology of Plant Invasions: Global Synthesis across Habitats (SynHab) 2019 - 2023
404409TAČR The role of charcoal mounds in terms of cultural heritage and protection of landscape 2019 - 2021
Can long-lived species experience rapid evolution in response to changing climate? 2019 - 2021
IPBES assessment of invasive alien species 2019 - 2023
GA20-01813S Plant functional traits as factors explaining intra- and inter-specific plant-soil feedback across species and genotypes 2020 - 2022
20-28119S Microclimate instead of macroclimate: a key to more realistic species distribution modelling
20-10019S Genomic dominance as a force shaping evolution of plant wide hybrids 2020 - 2022
GA20-08475S Arbuscular mycorrhiza and drought: in search of the hidden benefits 2020 - 2022
TH04030244 Effective procedures of forest biodiversity inventory and practical measures for its protection 2020 - 2022
20-06065S 2020 - 2022
20-13637S Diversification across scales: exploring the role of plant inter- and intra-specific differentiation for coexistence and ecosystem functioning 2020 - 2022
GAČR 20-02901S Community diversity as a response and as a driver. Exploring long-tern experiments to address functional roles of diversity 2020 - 2020
Geographical parthenogenesis in Hieracium alpinum: unravelling the consistent inconsistency 2020 - 2021
Vegetation of the Krkonoše Mts. tundra - past, present and future, Current vegetation records of the Krkonoše tundra for a selected set of historical records. 2020 - 2021
20-28119S Microclimate instead of macroclimate: a key to more realistic species distribution modelling
20-08900S Restoration of species rich grasslands: Do we miss intraspecific variability in our understanding to community assembly? 2020 - 2022