Experimental Garden Průhonice

Experimental garden situated in Průhonice – Chotobuz serves for collection and cultivation of plants from wild, and also for assorted experiments. A rescue cultivation of an extinct species of the Czech flora Ostericum palustre has been carried out in this garden since 1985. Recently, the following topics are addressed here:

  • cultivation of plants for the purpose of taxonomic studies (the influence of plant variation expressed in different natural habitats is eliminated under uniform garden conditions)
  • experiments focused on reproductive mode and heredity, i.e., experimental crosses and progeny cultivation
  • experimental studies in biological characters of plants, which are cultivated under definite conditions.

The garden also provides cultivation facilities for the adjacent laboratories. The garden equipment enables plant cultivation in open fields (including watered beds), and in four greenhouses, two of which are heated in winter. A parallel garden, specializing in aquatic and wetland plants, is organized at the Institute Department in Třeboň.