Oddělení ekologie invazí / Department of Invasion Ecology
Botanický ústav Akademie věd ČR/Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
CZ - 252 43, Průhonice


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Prof. Petr Pyšek, CSc.
vedoucí oddělení

tel: +420 271 015 266
fax: +420 267 750 031
e-mail: pysek (et) ibot.cas.cz
web: www.ibot.cas.cz/personal/pysek

RNDr. Lenka Moravcová, CSc.
zástupce vedoucího oddělení

tel: +420 271 015 440
e-mail: moravcova (et) ibot.cas.cz

Ing. Jan Pergl, PhD.

tel: +420 271 015 236
e-mail: pergl (et) ibot.cas.cz
web: www.ibot.cas.cz/invasions/pergl

Mgr. Jan Čuda, PhD.

tel: +420 271 015 284
e-mail: cudajan (et) seznam.cz

Dr. Margherita Gioria


tel: +420 271 015 248
e-mail: Margherita.Gioria (et) ibot.cas.cz

RNDr. Martin Hejda, PhD.

tel: +420 271 015 236
e-mail: hejda (et) ibot.cas.cz

Dr. Alessandra Kortz


tel: +420 271 015 248
e-mail: alessandrakortz (et) gmail.com

Dr. Desika Moodley


tel: +420 271 015 236
e-mail: desikamoodley29 (et) gmail.com

Dr. Ana Novoa
na mateřské dovolené


tel: +420 271 015 236
e-mail: novoa.perez.ana (et) gmail.com

Ing. Irena Perglová, PhD.

tel: +420 271 015 236, 369
e-mail: perglova (et) ibot.cas.cz

Mgr. Pavel Pipek, PhD.


tel: +420 271 015 248
e-mail: pipek (et) natur.cuni.cz

Dr. Jonatan Rodríguez


tel: +420 271 015 248
e-mail: Jonatan.Rodriguez (et) ibot.cas.cz

RNDr. Jiří Sádlo, CSc.


tel: +420 271 015 241
e-mail: sadlo (et) ibot.cas.cz

RNDr. Hana Skálová, CSc.

tel: +420 271 015 284
e-mail: skalova (et) ibot.cas.cz

RNDr. Michaela Vítková, PhD.

Michaela Vítková

tel: +420 271 015 281
e-mail: vitkova (et) ibot.cas.cz

PhD. studenti

Mgr. Šárka Čejková (Jahodová)
na mateřské dovolené

tel: +420 271 015 236
e-mail: jahodova (et) ibot.cas.cz

Ing. Josef Kutlvašr


tel: +420 271 015 236
e-mail: josef.kutlvasr (et) ibot.cas.cz

Mgr. Klára Pyšková


tel: +420 271 015 248
e-mail: klara.pyskova (et) ibot.cas.cz

RNDr. Kateřina Štajerová

tel: +420 271 015 248
e-mail: katerina.stajerova (et) ibot.cas.cz


Marie Brůnová


tel: +420 271 015 369
e-mail: marie.brunova (et) ibot.cas.cz

Ing. Šárka Dvořáčková

tel: +420 271 015 369
e-mail: sarka.dvorackova (et) ibot.cas.cz

Mgr. Anna Lučanová (Koukolíková)


tel: +420 271 015 236
e-mail: anna.lucanova (et) ibot.cas.cz

Ing. Barbora Nožková
na mateřské dovolené

tel: +420 271 015 440
e-mail: barbora.nozkova (et) ibot.cas.cz

Michal Pyšek

tel: +420 271 015 301
e-mail: mpysek (et) ibot.cas.cz

Ivana Rajznoverová


tel: +420 271 015 281
e-mail: rajznoverova (et) ibot.cas.cz

Zuzana Sixtová

tel: +420 271 015 142
e-mail: sixtova (et) ibot.cas.cz

Hosté v našem oddělení

Charlie Hale


tel: +420 271 015 284
e-mail: chale295 (at) gmail.com

Dr. Grant Hamilton


Ass. Prof. Laura Meyerson

Laura Meyerson

e-mail: lameyerson (at) gmail.com
web: http://nrs.uri.edu/labs/invasive/

Thaísa Michelan


e-mail: thaisamichelan (et) gmail.com

Sorour Rahmanian


e-mail: sorour.rahmanian (at) yahoo.com

Dr. Ayse Yazlik
2016-2018 a tříměsíční pobyt v roce 2015


e-mail: ayseyazlik (et) gmail.com

Bývalí členové

Prof. Vojtěch Jarošík CSc.
(*1958– +2013)

Vojtěch Jarošík

Vojtěch Jarošík, eminent scientist, excellent teacher and long-term member of our Department, was one of the most distinguished personalities in the current Czech ecology. In the last decade, he was mainly involved in key European projects on biological invasions; in 2013, he was awarded with Bedřich Hrozný award for extensive publishing in this field. The career of Prof. Jarošík was linked with the Faculty of Science of the Charles University in Prague. He studied systematic biology since 1978, graduated in 1983 and completed his PhD degree in 1988. In 1991 he became a faculty member, in 1994 Associate Professor and in 2006 full Professor. He founded the Department of Ecology in 2004, serving as its Head for six years during which the Department became a firmly established part of the faculty. Since the fall of 2012 he fought cancer and lost his fight on 18 June 2013. Even during this difficult period he continued working as a prolific scientist. The long list of scientific papers he coauthored (over 100 WoS indexed papers, including publications in PNAS, TREE, Nature, Ecology Letters or American Naturalist) indicates that, both national and internationally, ecological research is losing an important a great creative personality. We will sorely miss Vojta not only as an authority on biostatistics providing expert advise, but more importantly, as a modest, tolerant and kind colleague, who was always to ready help, and as a friend who was able to see the world around us in a wider than only scientific perspective.
Poslední dopis Vojtovi Jarošíkovi

Ivan Ostrý

Bc. Ondřej Kauzál


Ing. Vendula Havlíčková (Čejková)

Bc. Dominika Prajzlerová


Mgr. Zuzana Rumlerová (Marková)

Zuzana Marková

Ing. Martin Vojík


Christina Alba, PhD.


web: http://christina-alba.weebly.com/

Dr. Wenyong Guo


e-mail: guowyhgy (et) gmail.com

Kirsty McGregor, PhD

e-mail: kirsty.f.mcgregor(et)gmail.com