Zdenek Kaplan
Zdenek Kaplan, PhD
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Plant Taxonomist
Head of Department of Taxonomy, Institute of Botany, The Czech Academy of Sciences, Průhonice
Chairman of Scientific Board of Institute of Botany
Office address:
Institute of Botany
The Czech Academy of Sciences
Zámek 1
CZ-252 43 Průhonice
Czech Republic
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Fax: +420 267 750 031
PhD, Taxonomy and biosystematics of Potamogeton, Charles University, Prague, 2002
MSc, Taxonomy, ecology and chorology of linear-leaved Potamogeton species in the Czech Republic, Palacký University, Olomouc, 1995
BSc, Landscape Ecology, Palacký University, Olomouc, 1993
Plant taxonomy, biosystematics, microevolution, breeding behaviour, phytogeography, nomenclature, floristics
‘Plant diversity analysis and synthesis centre (PLADIAS)’ (research participant, Work Package leader; principal investigator M. Chytrý, 2014-2018)
‘Microevolutionary processes and cytotaxonomic structure of standing water crowfoots (Ranunculus subgen. Batrachium) in Central Europe’ (supervisor; principal investigator J. Prančl, 2013-2015)
‘Worldwide monograph of taxonomy and phylogeny of Potamogetonaceae’ (principal investigator, 2009-2013)
‘The role of hybridization in plant evolution – In situ hybridization technique’ (research participant; principal investigator B. Mandák, 2009-2012)
‘Taxonomic mysteries in Potamogetonaceae: a monograph of little-known taxonomic groups’ (principal investigator, 2006-2008)
‘Evolutionary history of relict serpentine populations of Knautia arvensis s.l. (Dipsacaceae) in Central Europe’ (research participant, principal investigator J. Suda, 2006-2008)
‘A role of hybrids and hybridization in natural populations of Potamogeton’ (principal investigator, 2003-2005)
‘Taxonomy and phylogeny of Potamogeton’ (principal investigator, 2002-2004)
‘Evolution within hybridogenous population of Tragopogon: does Czech population differ from those ones in US?’ (research participant, principal investigator F. Krahulec, 2002-2004)
‘Tropical plant diversity in Czech herbaria - National heritage of world importance: collections of Th. Haenke, K. B. Presl and K. Domin’ (research participant, principal investigator J. Štěpánek, 2001-2003)
‘Genetic fruit polymorphism and karyology of Southeast Asian Valerianella’ (research leader, 1998-2002)
‘Key to the flora of the Czech Republic’ (one of editors and authors, 1999-2002)
‘Sources of variation and taxonomic structure within Potamogeton’ (principal investigator, 1998-2000)
‘A monograph of the family Juncaceae, within a framework of Species Plantarum - Flora of the World’ (research participant, principal investigator J. Kirschner, 1997-1999)
‘A worldwide treatment on the taxonomy of the genus Potamogeton L. (Potamogetonaceae)’ (together with G. Wiegleb, 1996-1998)
‘Inter-population differentiation in island-like areas of serpentine: Variation in higher plants in a severe environment’ (research participant, principal investigator J. Štěpánková, 1995-1997)
‘Flora of the Czech Republic’, Vols 6-9 (research participant since 1995, since 2002 also volume editor of vols 8 & 9, editors B. Slavík & J. Štěpánková)
Fieldwork: travels throughout Europe, a few visits to Asia, Africa and North America. Expeditions to Turkey 1992, Siberia 1993, Ukraine 1996, Iran 1997, Mediterranean 1998, Scandinavia 1998, Morocco 2002, Balkan Peninsula 2008, Siberia 2009.
Selected short research stays at foreign institutions: Wien (W and WU), Austria, 1997 and 2006; Göttingen (GOET), Berlin (B) and München (M), Germany, 1999; St. Petersburg (LE), Russia, 2000; Stockholm (S) and Uppsala (UPS), Sweden, 2001; London (BM) and Kew (K), Great Britain, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2013; Zürich (Z and ZT), Switzerland, 2003; Utrecht (U), Netherlands, 2003; Brussels (BR and BRVU), Belgium, 2003; Paris (P), France, 2003; Genève (G), Switzerland, 2004; Copenhagen (C), Denmark, 2004; Lund (LD), Sweden, 2004; Budapest (BP), Hungary, 2005; Frankfurt (FR), Germany, 2006; Edinburgh (E), Great Britain, 2006; Leiden (L) and Wageningen (WAG), Netherlands, 2007; Helsinki (H), Finland, 2007 and 2009; Irkutsk (IRKU), Russia, 2009; Melbourne (MEL) and Sydney (NSW), Australia, 2011; Cambridge (A and GH), USA, 2012; etc.
Editor of Preslia (since 1999)
Member of the Editorial Board of Zprávy České botanické společnosti [Bulletin of the Czech Botanical Society] (since 1998)
Member of the Czech Botanical Society (since 1991)
Member of the American Society of Plant Taxonomists (since 2009)
Member of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy (since 2011)
Leader in the Summer School of Field Botany organized by the Czech Botanical Society (since 1995)
Kaplan Z., Danihelka J., Štěpánková J., Ekrt L., Chrtek J. Jr., Zázvorka J., Grulich V., Řepka R., Prančl J., Ducháček M., Kúr P., Šumberová K. & Brůna J. (2016): Distributions of vascular plants in the Czech Republic. Part 2. – Preslia 88: 229–322. [PDF]
Aykurt C., Deniz I. G. & Kaplan Z. (2016): Potamogeton acutifolius (Potamogetonaceae) – a new species for the flora of Turkey. – Int. J. Bot. 12: 17–19. [PDF]
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Kolář F., Kaplan Z., Suda J. & Štech M. (2015): Populations of Knautia in ecologically distinct refugia on the Hercynian massif belong to two endemic species. – Preslia 87: 363–386. [PDF] [Electronic appendix]
Lastrucci L., Viciani D., Foggi B., Miranda S., Santangelo A. & Kaplan Z. (2015): Typification of two species names of Potamogeton (Potamogetonaceae). – Phytotaxa 222: 72–74. [PDF]
Prančl J., Kaplan Z., Trávníček P. & Jarolímová V. (2014): Genome size as a key to evolutionary complex aquatic plants: polyploidy and hybridization in Callitriche (Plantaginaceae). – PLoS ONE 9(9): e105997. [PDF] [Supplementary material: Table S1, Table S2]
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