Department of Evolutionary Plant Biology

About us

The department was founded in 2017 as a result of fusion of two former departments with overlapping interests – Dept. of Genetic Ecology and Dept. of Flow Cytometry. Newly established research unit is targeted at numerous aspects of plant evolution at various levels: (i) investigation of individual genomes (horizontal gene transfer, DNA endoreduplication, cytogenetics), (ii) studying of micro-evolutionary processes at population level (cytotypes interaction, phylogeogpraphy, etc.), (iii) unrevealing species level interactions (evolution of diploid-polyploid complexes, hybrid speciation, molecular systematics, etc.), and (iv) detection of evolutionary forces acting at supra-generic level (e.g. causes of differential radiation at generic and higher levels).

Mainly the evolutionary processes themselves and their impact on recognized biodiversity are subjected to research. The hot-spots of the research activities are geographically aimed to the Eurasia, the equatorial Andes and the Cape Floristic Region. The research combines field, experimental and laboratory work.  The integral part of the department is Laboratory of Flow Cytometry.