EMAPi (Ecology and Management of Alien Plant invasions)
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During the first 25 years, EMAPi (Ecology and Management of Alien Plant invasions) has become the longest held series of regular meetings in plant invasion ecology. Of the 14 events so far, eight were held in Europe, three in North America and the remaining three in Australia, Africa and South America, respectively. The series continues to be maintained by an informal EMAPi board consisting of the organizers of previous meetings. Ten conferences yielded proceedings and up to 2008 these were published as books with Backhuys Publishers, followed by two issues in the journals Biological Invasions and NeoBiota. By forming a long-term meeting platform, addressing a broad range of topics, reflecting development in plant invasion ecology, achieving truly global geographical coverage and bringing together researchers and practitioners into close contact, EMAPi has become an excellent venue for initiating collaborations among invasion ecologists worldwide. The motivation behind launching this site was to bring together the information about past conferences and maintain it for those to come. In history section we provide a brief description of each EMAPi conference with information on its historical importance, and notable features of individual events. More details can be found in the paper on the history of EMAPi 1992–2017 (Pyšek et al., Biological Invasions 2018).

12 November 2018

Petr Pyšek & Giuseppe Brundu (on behalf of EMAPi board)

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