Oddělení ekologie invazí / Department of Invasion Ecology
Botanický ústav Akademie věd ČR/Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
CZ - 252 43, Průhonice


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Department of invasion ecology

We are so sorry to tell you that Vojta Jarošík (7. 11. 1958 – 18. 6. 2013) died after a long fight with cancer. Please remember him as he was, a great, special person and excellent scientist. He will be sorely missed by many.

Department of invasion ecology was established in 2005 dividing the former department of population ecology as a result of increasing activity in the field of invasion problematic. Within this department we study biology and ecology of invasive and also of many introduced and naturalized species. In addition, we are concerned in studying the effects of introduced species on native flora and communities. For the area of the Czech Republic, the updated list of alien species is available (Pyšek et al.; Preslia 2012). Department of invasion ecology participates on projects supported by Czech Science Foundations as well as on EU projects within 5th and 6th framework programmes. The main research topics are:
- Analyses of available data and reviews of accumulated knowledge, at both regional and global levels.
- Role of invasive species in different habitats and their position in succession.
- Biogeographical and comparative ecological case studies focused on major invading species of the Czech flora.

Our department collaborates with universities, museums, regional and public bodies and NGOs.

Annual reports on acivities of our department [since 2014 in Czech and English]:

List of important scientific studies and books written by scientists of the Institute of Botany in the last five years.

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