Jindřich Chrtek Jr.Taxonomy, Morphology, Breeding systems
Department of Taxonomy
Research interests: Taxonomy of Hieracium, especially selected groups of subgen. Hieracium (e.g. sect. Alpina); breeding systems and hybridization in subgen. Hieracium, genetic structure (allozymes) and its relation to breeding strategies, pollen viability and germination.
Judith FehrerMolecular systematics, Speciation
Department of DNA analyses
Research interests: Molecular systematics, molecular evolution, speciation, role of hybridization, polyploidy and reproductive modes on evolution and population structures.
Anna KrahulcováCytology, Breeding systems
Department of Taxonomy
Research interests: Karyology of angiosperms (chromosome counts and flow cytometry); plant breeding systems; studies of closely related species and their hybrids; evolutionary biology of Hieracium subgen. Pilosella: especially role of residual sexuality and its inheritance, rise of natural hybrids, and population structure.
František KrahulecEcology
Department of Genetic Ecology
Research interests: Ecology and syntaxonomy of grassland communities, their management; population biology of clonal plants; studies of closely related species and hybrids, ecology of hybrids; succession in water bodies, migration of water plants; role of biodiversity in ecosystem; evolutionary biology of Hieracium.
Pavel TrávníčekPopulation biology
Department of Flow Cytometry
Research interests: Flow cytometry, cytotype co-existence, polyploid evolution, multivariate statistics.
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