IBOAT – Institute of Botany: Opportunites for career growth And Talent acquisition

Podpora vědeckým pracovníkům/Support of research workers CO je projekt IBOAT? What is IBOAT project? IBOAT_infografika(PDF, 186 KB)
Proof-reading of research papers JAK ŽÁDAT / HOW TO APPLY:

Proof-reading_info_CZ_ENG_27082020 (DOCX, 65 KB)


Pilot mentoring programme for mentors and mentees

For 2 mentors and 2 mentees from each work place (Brno, Třeboň, Průhonice). The total of twelve ‘volunteers’ should participate in the full programme on each of the dates below.

The programme dates proposed for session meetings are

30th June (Pruhonice – 6 hours),

30th July (Trebon – 6 hours),

virtual and practical learning (6 hours) 

30th September  (Brno – 6 hours).

In the course of this short pilot programme, active participants will come to know, understand and be able to:

  • Explore concepts of mentoring and the personal and professional skills involved.
  • Establish the mentoring process as a vehicle for career development.
  • Identify characteristics that contribute to being a ‘good’ mentor or mentee.
  • Discuss and practise key functions, roles and responsibilities of a mentor and of a mentee.
  • Reflect on the factors that contribute to effective mentoring relationships.
  • Learn the practical use of a competence-based profile for developmental and evaluative purposes.
  • Develop further their individual and collective knowledge of and skills in mentoring.
  • Contribute to and establish ‘good practice’ in mentoring colleagues within the institution. – and, sometimes, peers.

How to apply: please contact:

Brno: magdalena.ordeltova@ibot.cas.cz

Třeboň: hana.kukackova@ibot.cas.cz

Průhonice: martina.javorkova@ibot.cas.cz

Invitation: Invitation_Mentoring (DOCX, 93 KB)


Brief description: Mentoring_ENG_CZ(DOCX, 159 KB)


Intro-presentation: g2T remote Mentoring Presentation 1


About the lector: seminar_2020_Kirkham_Experience (PDF, 446 KB)

Kurz “Academic writing”

A course in “Academic Writing”

Jak se přihlásit/How to register:

Academic Writing_CZ_ENG (DOCX, 162 KB)

Kurz “Anglicky psané publikace” – připravujeme – comming soon
Nová podpora v Brně a Třeboni/new support in Brno and Třeboň

HR specialista pro grantovou podporu, koordinace mentoringu a vzdělávání a mobilit.

Brno: Magdalena Ordeltová, magdalena.ordeltova@ibot.cas.cz

Třeboň: Hana Kukačková,  hana.kukackova@ibot.cas.cz

Průhonice: Martina Javorková, martina.javorkova@ibot.cas.cz – koordinace mentoringu a vzdělávání

Průhonice: Eva Peřinková, eva.perinkova@ibot.cas.cz – koordinace mobilit


Stáže v zahraničí (krátkodobé mobility): Under reconstruction

Stays abroad (short-term mobility): Under reconstruction

Instrukce (CZ) – čtěte před výjezdem – aktuální k 29. 7. 2020: IBOAT_stáže_Checklist_Metodika_29072020

Instruction (ENG)  – read before you go – update 29. 7. 2020: in translation process

Memorandum – k podpisu před výjezdem – to be signed before you go

Pro jednoho výzkum. pracovníka/for one researcher: Memorandum_researcher_final (DOCX, 350 KB)

Pro skupinu výzkum. pracovníků/for more researchers: Memorandum_more researchers_final (DOCX, 351 KB)

Pro THP pracovníka/for a technician: Memorandum_THP_final (DOCX, 349 KB)

Zpráva o činnosti / Activity report: download here (DOCX, 136 KB)


Projekt “Botanický ústav: příležitosti pro rozvoj kariéry a získávání talentů” je  (reg.číslo CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/18_054/0014676) je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.