Epigenetic Diversity in Ecology, EpiDIVERSE

Name: Epigenetic Diversity in Ecology, EpiDIVERSE
Researchers: Latzel Vít (national coordinator)
Münzbergová Zuzana (member of of research group)
Project Type: A - major international projects (at least 3 states)
Realization from: 2017
Realization to: 2021
Summary: EPIDIVERSE takes a cross-disciplinary approach to investigate the role that epigenetic mechanisms, specifically DNA methylation, play in plant adaptation. Understanding the epigenetic contribution to adaptation will help to predict species responses to global warming and can open new directions for sustainable agriculture and crop breeding. In EPIDIVERSE, a consortium of academic and entrepreneurial PIs will train 15 ESRs to become a first generation of expert eco-epigeneticists, equipping them with the interdisciplinary skills - molecular, (epi)genomic, ecological and bioinformatics - to successfully tackle this new research area.

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