Petr Dostál

Institute of Botany ASCR
Zámek 1
CZ-252 43 Pr¨honice
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 271015262
Fax: +420 267750031

I am a plant ecologist with interest in population and community ecology. Until now I focused on the non-trophic interactions between mound-building ants and plants in temperate regions. At present I start to study ecological and evolutionary processes linked to plant invasions. Specifically I focus on the interactions between non-native plants and native pests. I am also interested whether native plant communities respond evolutionarily to biological invasions by adapting to the presence of non-native plant species (3 Diploma projects available now).


Dostál P. (2007) Population dynamics of annuals in perennial grassland controlled by ants and environmental stochasticity. Journal of Vegetation Science 18: 91-102. [pdf]

Becker U., Colling G., Dostál P., Jakobsson A. & Matthies D. (2006) Local adaptation in the monocarpic perennial Carlina vulgaris at different spatial scales across Europe. Oecologia 150: 506-518. [pdf]


Dostál P. (2005): Is the population turnover of patchy-distributed annuals determined by dormancy dynamics or dispersal processes? Ecography 28: 745-756. [pdf]


Dostál P., B°eznová M., KozlíŔková V., Herben T. & Ková° P. (2005): Ant-induced soil modification and its effect on plant below-ground biomass. Pedobiologia 49: 127-137. [pdf]


Dostál P. (2005): Effect of three mound-building ant species on the formation of soil seed bank in mountain grassland. Flora 200: 148-158. [pdf]

Ková° P., Ková°ová M., Dostál P. & Herben T. (2001): Differentiation of ant-hills in a mountain grassland: effects of mound history and of dominant ant species. Plant Ecology 156: 215-227. [pdf]

Curriculum vitae
since 2005       Postdoc at the Institute of Botany, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic
2005                PhD degree  in Botany
2003                DAAD Short-Term Research Fellowship  at the Department of Ecology, Philips-Universität Marburg, Germany
2002-2005      Institute of Botany, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic
2000-2002      Alternative Military Service
1999                ERASMUS visit at the Department of Ecology, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
1997-2000      PhD student,  Faculty of Science Charles University, Prague
1995-1997      M. Sc. degree in Botany. Faculty of Science Charles University, Prague.
1992 - 1995    B. Sc. degree in Biology. Faculty of Science Charles University, Prague.

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