NEOBIOTA: Towards a Synthesis

5th European Conference on Biological Invasions

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NEOBIOTA: Towards a Synthesis

5th European Conference; Prague (Czech Republic), 23.-26. September 2008

Organized by Institute of Botany of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Department of Invasion Ecology (Průhonice) & Charles University Prague - Faculty of Science, Department of Ecology in cooperation with Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Conference proceedings: call for papers and instructions for authors

Book of Neobiota abstracts for download, PDF

Competition for the best student poster
The following posters were awarded based on the decision of the board consisting of Steven Chown, Marcel Rejmánek, Tim Blackburn, Piero Genovesi, Tom Stohlgren, Uwe Starfinger and Ingo Kowarik. The contribution of evaluators is much appreciated and congratulations fo to:

1st prize:
Deborah Scharfy, Institute of Integrative Biology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Scharfy D., Güsewell S. & Venterink H.O. - How different are native and invasive plant species in their impact on ecosystem processes in Switzerland?

2nd prize:
Taiadjana Fortuna, Department of Multitrophic Interactions, Center for Terrestrial Ecology, Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Heteren, The Netherlands
Fortuna T., Harvey J. A. & Vet L.E.M. - Effects of native and invasive plants on the development of a specialist herbivore and its gregarious parasitoids)

3rd prize:
Paola Ugoletti, Botany Department, Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland
Ugoletti P., Jones M.B. & Stout J.C. - A comparison among five Impatiens species with different invasive capacity

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Invasive riparian plants survey
CABI is currently conducting a web-based questionnaire on invasive riparian plant species in Europe.
They would be very grateful if you could complete the questionnaire (41 questions) located at:

Requests specifying necessary details should be addressed to: neobiota(et)

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