The Laboratory of Flow cytometry was established in September 2000 as a part of the Experimental Research Centre, Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Our mission is to use cytometric techniques for biosystematic studies of vascular plants in the widest sense. Our research is primarily targeted on taxonomy and ecology of polyploid groups, population cytotype structure, and genome size estimation. Joint application of flow cytometry and other modern techniques (multivariate morphometrics, molecular biology, etc.) is emphasised.

Our address: Laboratory of Flow Cytometry, Institute of Botany, Zámek 1, Průhonice 252 43
tel.: +420 271 015 490, fax.: +420 267 750 031, e-mail:

Flow Cytometry with Plant Cells (edited by J. Doležel, J. Greilhuber, and J. Suda).
The first comprehensive book on plant flow cytometry was published by Wiley-VCH in February 2007.

Book Content
  • Cytometry and Cytometers: Development and Growth (H.M. Shapiro)
  • Principles of Flow Cytometry (J.P. Robinson, G. Grégori)
  • Flow Cytometry in Plants (J. Doležel, J. Greilhuber, J. Suda)
  • Nuclear DNA Content Measurement (J. Greilhuber, E. Temsch, J. Loureiro)
  • Flow Cytometry and Ploidy: Applications in Plant Systematics, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (J. Suda, P. Kron, B.C. Husband, P. Trávníček)
  • Reproduction Mode Screening (F. Matzk)
  • Genome Size and its Uses: the Impact of Flow Cytometry (I.J. Leitch, M.D. Bennett)
  • DNA Base Composition of Plant Genomes (A. Meister, M. Barow)
  • Detection and Viability Assessment of Plant Pathogenic Micro-organisms using Flow Cytometry (J.H.W. Bergervoet, J.M. van der Wolf, J. Peters)
  • Protoplast Analysis using Flow Cytometry and Sorting (D.W. Galbraith)
  • Flow Cytometry of Chloroplasts (E. Pfündel, A. Meister)
  • DNA Flow Cytometry in Non-vascular Plants (H. Volgmayr)
  • Phytoplankton Analysis using Flow Cytometry (G.B.J. Dubelaar, R. Casotti, G.A. Tarran, I.C. Biegala)
  • Cell Cycle Analysis in Plants (M. Pfosser, Z. Magyar, L. Bögre)
  • Endopolyploidy in Plants and its Analysis by Flow Cytometry (M. Barow, G. Jovtchev)
  • Chromosome Analysis and Sorting (J. Doležel, M. Kubaláková, P. Suchánková, P. Kovářová, J. Bartoš, H. Šimková)
  • Analysis of Plant Gene Expression using Flow Cytometry and Sorting (D.W. Galbraith)
  • FLOWER: A Plant DNA Flow Cytometry Database (J. Loureiro, J. Suda, J. Doležel, C. Santos)