Lectures and seminars


Calendar of seminars of the Department of population ecology

4. 5. 2016, 10:00, Knights hall of the Průhonice Castle
Mari Moora: Shedding light on fungal symbionts: do host plant light preferences influence root inhabiting AM fungal communities?
Martin Zobel: Linking traits, flora and communities – from arctic vegetation to mycorrhiza.

2. 5. 2016, 10:30,  Knights hall of the Průhonice Castle
Sergio Rasmann: Elevation gradients drives the evolution of plant defence strategies against herbivores.

13. 4. 2016, 10:30,  Lecture room at Chotobuz, Průhonice
Bojana Stojanova: Host race evolution in parasitic weeds: a study of gentypic and phenotypic differentiation of Phelipanche ramosa