Name Phone Department
Adamec Lubomír 380720328 Department of Functional Ecology
Adámek Martin 271015192 Department of GIS and Remote Sensing
Albrechtová Jana 271015328 Department of Mycorrhizal Symbioses
Altman Jan 380720356, 391 Department of Functional Ecology
Applová Markéta Department of Population Ecology
Augustín Lubomir 271015104 Administrative Support
Babica Pavel 530506748 Department of Experimental Phycology and Ecotoxicology
Bambasová Veronika 271015460, 424 DNA Laboratory
Bartish Igor 271015485 Department of Genetic Ecology
Bartoš Daniel Management of the Průhonice Park
Bartoš Michael 380720392 Department of Functional Ecology
Bartošová Martina 271015242, 218, 277 Administrative Support
Bartušková Alena 380720359 Department of Functional Ecology
Belyayev Alexander 271015461, 486 Laboratory of molecular cytogenetics and karyology
Benda Miloslav 271015273 Administrative Support
Bendová Barbora 271015180 Management of the Průhonice Park
Beneš Josef 271015223 Administrative Support
Bobek Přemysl 777477785 Laboratory of Paleoecology
Böhmová Alžběta Department of Genetic Ecology
Bohunická Markéta 380720466 Centre for Phycology

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